Grand Budapest Hotel: Watch a video from Look Effects on the visual effects in Wes Anderson's latest film.
Watch a Breakdown of All the Visual Effects in The Grand Budapest Hotel
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April 29 2014 12:16 AM

Watch a Breakdown of All the Visual Effects in The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel was enhanced by a host of visual effects.

Still from Youtube

Wes Anderson's attention to detail is by now old news—the director is a known perfectionist when it comes to things like composition, dialogue, and set design. Now we have another glimpse at the rigorous work that goes into his movies: Look Effects, the visual effects company that's worked with Anderson on five of his films, has released a video breaking down all the visual trickery they produced for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The video sheds some wonderful insight on how Anderson and his collaborators fine-tune to precision all the color, shading, lighting, and texture of his films. In particular, it showcases all the color correction that made Grand Budapest such a confectionary delight, as well as the more complex rendering that filled out numerous scenes shot in front of a green screen.


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