Watch the Music Video for "Tolerated": Girl Talk and Freeway Tear Apart Haters in Their New Music Video.
Watch Girl Talk and Freeway Tear Apart Haters in Their New Music Video
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March 31 2014 9:16 PM

Girl Talk Tears Apart His Haters in His First New Song in Three Years

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Girl Talk gets his hands bloody in the video for his new song, “Tolerated.”

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All those seeking a summer anthem in advance, take comfort: Girl Talk is back after three years of radio silence. The producer and renowned mash-up artist released “Tolerated,” his new song with Philly rap legend Freeway, earlier today. Perhaps even more notable than the song, however, is its video, which depicts the duo literally tearing apart any and all haters that cross their path. There’s enough decapitations, loosed appendages, and corny carnage here to make up a Sam Raimi film, and Waka Flocka Flame joins the fun midway through with a pet vulture and a meal of human carrion.

Blood and guts aside, the cut itself isn't Girl Talk’s best: Freeway delivers some entertaining verses over a brassy, blaring riff, but absent is the propulsive energy and clever juxtaposition that made the D.J.'s three mix-and-match albums so singular. Of course, that could just be me—if you dig it, check out the duo’s forthcoming EP, Broken Ankles, to be released April 8 via mixtape hub DatPiff.

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