Josh Charles as Dan Rydell on Olbermann: Actor reads highlights in his Sports Night character on Olbermann. (Video.)
A Dream Come True for Sports Night Fans
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March 31 2014 5:38 PM

Josh Charles Went on Olbermann as Dan Rydell, and It Was Amazing

Will Gardner is dead, but Dan Rydell is alive and well, apparently. Actor Josh Charles—who’s been doing a bit of publicity after the death of his character on The Good Wife—stopped by Keith Olbermann’s show this weekend, and ran down the highlights in character as Rydell, the wise-cracking sportscaster from Aaron Sorkin’s amazing but short-lived Sports Night. And while Casey, Isaac, and Dana were nowhere to be found, watching Charles wax poetic about urine samples and the Sweet 16 was an incredibly satisfying five minutes of television for those of us who have spent many a night with the CSC team.

It was also a meta moment, as Sorkin allegedly based Rydell on Olbermann, who himself was once a young, wise-cracking sportscaster back in SportsCenter’s heyday. Watch the video above, and let the memories of vintage Sorkinese wash over you. Take it away, Danny.

A.J. McCarthy is a Slate writer and producer.

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