"Royals" parody video uses Lorde's smash hit song to mock Hollywood typecasting of minority women.

New “Royals” Parody Hilariously Skewers Hollywood Typecasting

New “Royals” Parody Hilariously Skewers Hollywood Typecasting

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March 27 2014 11:37 AM

New “Royals” Parody Skewers Hollywood Typecasting

Being a woman of color in Hollywood is a challenge. This isn’t news, of course, but actress Tess Paras has found the perfect way to hammer home the way Hollywood continues to marginalize minority actresses.

It's a “Royals” parody, and even if you’ve had enough of all of those, Paras’ take is worth a look not only for its message but because of its flawless execution. Working with actresses Haneefah Wood and Ayana Hampton, the three show just what they can do when they're not tossed aside to the margins.

Aisha Harris is a Slate culture writer and host of the Slate podcast Represent.