Bryan Cranston Writer's Block short film, shot during Hurricane Sandy, is haunting. (VIDEO)

Bryan Cranston Searches for Inspiration in a Haunting Short Film

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Jan. 14 2014 3:50 PM

Bryan Cranston Searches for Inspiration in a Haunting Short Film

In the fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy interrupted production on the new crime thriller Cold Comes the Night. During that downtime, the film’s lead, Bryan Cranston, held a contest among the crew to see who could produce the best script for a short film; the Breaking Bad star promised he would perform in the winner’s project.

The result is Writer’s Block, a wistful narrative shot in haunting black and white, written and directed by Brandon Polanco. Cranston gives yet another strong dramatic performance, this time as a writer searching desperately for inspiration, and carries us along for a strange, 13-minute ride. Enjoy.


(Via Indiewire.)

Aisha Harris is a Slate staff writer.

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