Prince “Da Bourgeoisie”: Stream and download the self-deprecating new song here.

Download a New Song From Prince (Spoiler: It’s Funky)

Download a New Song From Prince (Spoiler: It’s Funky)

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Nov. 18 2013 5:52 PM

Download a New Song From Prince (Spoiler: It’s Funky)

Prince performs in 2012

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Though he hasn’t expressed much interest in releasing a traditional album, Prince has been on a good run tossing off new tracks online lately. Following up on the video for his great sex-before-pancakes jam “Breakfast Can Wait,” Prince shared a new song on Twitter this morning.

Built on top of a very funky riff on bass and guitar, Prince sings a self-deprecating tune about having an affair with someone who soon leaves him for another woman. It’s goofy, a little gender-bending (I’m assuming his jealousy here is playful), and instantly infectious, just like so many of the best Prince songs tend to be.

For the moment, at least, you can stream the song above* or download it for free right here: Get it now.

*Update, Nov. 19:The stream has been taken down, but you can still download the song at the link above.

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