Orange is the New Black and Sexy: Issa Rae stars in parody of Netflix series. (VIDEO)
If Piper Chapman Pulled a Miley Cyrus, This Is What Would Happen
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Oct. 31 2013 12:25 PM

If Piper Chapman Pulled a Miley Cyrus, This Is What Would Happen

Issa Rae channels Taystee in "Orange is the New Black & Sexy"


If you’re still suffering from Orange Is the New Black withdrawal after that shocking Season 1 cliffhanger, this amusing parody may hold you over for a little while longer. Produced by Black&Sexy.TV, written by Numa Perrier, and featuring the multi-talented Issa Rae as Taystee, “Orange is the New Black & Sexy” imagines what it would be like if Piper Chapman (Jessa Zarubica) didn’t just adjust to prison life, but also eagerly immersed herself in black culture.

Yes, Miley Cyrus comes into play: Piper and a group of her fellow white inmates twerk to a “Blurred Lines” sendup as Taystee and the others look on in horror. And some scenes drag a bit longer than they probably should. But the fans of the show will likely appreciate the twisted take on familiar OITNB scenes, and its overall commentary on cultural appropriation is pleasantly biting, and still incredibly relevant. Just ask Julianne Hough and these guys.


Aisha Harris is a Slate staff writer.