Ghoul Friend: new Mickey Mouse video from Disney is a Halloween-themed short. (VIDEO)
This Halloween Cartoon Is the Best of the New Mickey Mouse Shorts
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Oct. 24 2013 11:30 AM

This Halloween Cartoon Is the Best of the New Mickey Mouse Shorts

A zombie-fied Goofy and Mickey Mouse meet in a spooky forest.


Back in June, the Disney Channel launched a new series of Mickey Mouse cartoons, featuring an updated design of the iconic character by Paul Rudish, the artist behind The Power Puff Girls. The shorts generally have the same narrative style as the original Mickey Mouse cartoons, with minimal dialogue and lots of screwball antics, and they are set in various places across the globe (France, China, Japan).

The latest short, “Ghoul Friend,” is a fun, Halloween-themed romp that finds the mouse stranded in some spooky woods after his car breaks down, where he encounters a zombie-fied Goofy. And while it can’t compare to the visual and audible spectacle of 1929’s “Haunted House,” it’s not a bad way for Mickey fans to spend a few minutes of their day. Today’s kids will likely get a kick out of it, too.


(Via Laughing Squid.)

Aisha Harris is a Slate staff writer.

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