Morrissey autobiography sung like Morrissey by Peter Serafinowicz: Watch. (VIDEO)
The First Page of Morrissey’s Autobiography Sung in the Style of Morrissey
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Oct. 17 2013 4:23 PM

The First Page of Morrissey’s Autobiography Sung in the Style of Morrissey

This is the cover of Morrissey's book. That is a picture of Morrissey.

If you have not yet heard anything about Autobiography by Morrissey, well, more’s the pity, really. But there’s time to rectify that: The book by the alternately beloved and reviled musician, formerly of The Smiths, just came out in the U.K. this week, and its U.S. publication date is as yet unannounced. As you may detect from that cover on the left, Morrissey insisted that the book be published as a Penguin Classic, a more or less unheard of designation for a new book by a living author, one that prompted something of an uproar in his native England (and may have nearly scuttled the book’s publication).

Anyway, until you’re able to get your own hands on a copy, the next best thing is surely listening to the first page sung in the style of Morrissey by British comic Peter Serafinowicz, known for his work on Spaced and other fine programs. Enjoy—and stay tuned for more on Slate about this literary landmark in the days to come.


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