“The Last Thing You See”: A Dramatic Montage of Final Shots From the Movies

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Sept. 10 2013 3:06 PM

“The Last Thing You See”: A Dramatic Montage of Final Shots From the Movies

From Zach Prewitt, who previously brought us dramatic movie montages of people falling and characters with their backs to the camera looking at something epic, comes this montage of final shots from the movies.

As with those montages, this supercut works less because of the concept than the editing: Prewitt focuses in on common themes and motifs, from opening eyes (what he calls “Awakening”) to pumping fists (“Triumph”) to embraces (“Love”) and characters journeying into the void (“Transcendence”). He includes many of the most famous final shots (the one from The Searchers, e.g.), but thankfully doesn’t try to include everything you might expect (for example, Boogie Nights). With the assistance of crescendoing music from Godspeed You! Black Emperor (“Gathering Storm”), it’s a moving reminder that the best final shots linger long after the movies are over.

For the complete list of films, head over to the video’s description on YouTube.

Watch a Supercut of Characters With Their Backs to the Camera Looking at Something Epic
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