Spike Lee Kickstarter reaches its goal: the director thanks his fans. (VIDEO)
Spike Lee Reaches His Kickstarter Goal, Says “THANK YOU JESUS.”
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Aug. 16 2013 3:05 PM

Spike Lee Reaches His Kickstarter Goal, Says “THANK YOU JESUS.”

After weeks of appealing to his fans, Spike Lee’s Kickstarter campaign for his “newest hottest joint” about “the addiction of blood” finally reached its $1.25 million goal earlier today, with five days left to go. (The project will continue to accept donations until the clock runs out on Aug. 21.) It was a slow start for Lee, whose initial launching of the campaign was tepidly received due to a weak pitch; but in recent weeks, the veteran director has done a great job of curating his site while reminding his fans of his grassroots career and love for filmmaking through personal anecdotes.

In a new video, Lee enthusiastically thanks his fans for their support and remarks, “We’ve been doin’ this motherfucker since nineteen-eighty-moterhfuckin’-six, and we will continue to make our films.”


Sho' nuff.

Aisha Harris is a Slate staff writer.

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