@VintageWTF on Twitter: You won’t believe these bizarre black-and-white photos of the distant past.
You Will Not Believe These Bizarre Photos From the Past
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Aug. 16 2013 4:53 PM

You Will Not Believe These Bizarre Old Photos

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” So goes the famous opening line, but as new Twitter feed @VintageWTF shows, that can be a tremendous understatement. While we tend to think of the past as a tad stuffy, @VintageWTF shows that some people liked to get freaky.

Observe, for example, this young lady:

Forrest Wickman Forrest Wickman

Forrest Wickman is a Slate senior editor. He writes and edits for Slate’s culture blog, Brow Beat.

Or this fine gentleman:


Part of what’s great about @VintageWTF is that it doesn’t overexplain. Typically, it sticks to simple one word labels:

And the explanation can either reveal itself:

Or, perhaps, remain opaque:

Sometimes things get downright Lynchian:

And altogether, it provides just the dose of finely aged surrealism every feed needs: