Simpsons movie references supercut for seasons 6-10: They’re back and more referential than ever. (Video)
Watch Another Supercut of Every Movie Reference on The Simpsons, for Seasons 6 Through 10
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July 30 2013 6:54 PM

Simpsons Movie References, Part Deux

This is a knife.

Still from "Every Movie Reference in The Simpsons: Seasons 6-10."

Last week we posted an exhaustive supercut of every movie reference from the first five seasons of The Simpsons. Now NextMovie  is back with another installment for Seasons 6 through 10, and it’s more referential than ever.

Not only are there more references—this edition is a little longer than the last—but the references during this period became more overt, inviting exactly the kind of allusion-spotting that leads to compilations like this one. If these supercuts continue, I’ll see you back here for "Simpsons Movie References Part VII: Adrian’s Revenge."


For those who missed it, part one is also embedded below.

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