Gravity “Detached” trailer: One terrifying shot from Alfonso Cuarón’s mad sci-fi thriller.

Here’s One Shot From Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

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July 24 2013 9:39 AM

Here’s One Shot From Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

“How do you cut a trailer from something that doesn’t have any cuts?” This is the question we posed back when the first trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s mad sci-fi thriller Gravity hit the Web. That first trailer took a different approach: It chopped up the trailer’s apparently 17-minute continuous opening shot into something that at least began to resemble a conventional teaser or trailer. This new trailer more closely follows how the film will actually look: It shows about 90 seconds of that same shot, unedited.

If you’ve already decided you’re down for Gravity on Oct. 4, then there’s probably no point in watching this clip, but for others it gives a sense of the movie’s grand ambitions. Of course, these types of showy shots tend to function better when they give you some time to settle into them—just think of the stunning opening of Children of Men, or how that movie's car chase scene begins with a simple game—but even as is, this is pretty terrifying.

Update, 2:20 p.m.: Here's yet another terrifying one-shot trailer, which seems to pick up soon after the last.


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