“Blurred Lines” gay porn version: This is the Robin Thicke parody we needed.

This Is the “Blurred Lines” Parody We Needed

This Is the “Blurred Lines” Parody We Needed

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July 11 2013 3:17 PM

This Is the “Blurred Lines” Parody We Needed

Helix Studios sends up Robin Thicke.


Regardless of where you stand on the “Is ‘Blurred Lines’ rapey?” debate, the video for the summer R&B megahit from Robin Thicke is clearly ripe for a bit of light-hearted critique. With its topless ladies orbiting around Thicke’s reportedly impressive, um, masculine prowess, “Blurred Lines” takes part in a kind of female objectification and dudely preening so blatant that it demands to be taken down a notch.

Though a few people have tried with entries on YouTube, my favorite parody so far comes from the twinky guys of gay porn company Helix Studios—and not just because I’m gay. (Note: The video is more or less SFW, depending on how your boss feels about booty shorts on young men.)


The trouble with Thicke’s original video, as I see it, is not so much that women are bouncing objects, but rather that the dudes (Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I.) involved never man-up enough to stop awkwardly watching and justify their swagger. If Thicke is as well-endowed as he claims in the video’s balloon-scripted boast, why not doff that suit for a minute, join his good girls’ frolic, and prove it? Helix, meanwhile, makes sure that all participants are equally subsumed by their “animal” (read: barely clothed) natures, taking Thicke’s carnivalesque scenario to its logical—and more equitable—conclusion: If skin is going to be shown and sexual lines blurred, everyone should have to play.

J. Bryan Lowder is a Slate associate editor and the editor of Outward. He covers life, culture, and LGBTQ issues.