Kanye West: American Psycho? Kanye directs Scott Disick for Yeezus promo. (VIDEO)

Kayne West Goes American Psycho

Kayne West Goes American Psycho

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June 18 2013 11:39 AM

Kanye West Goes American Psycho

Scott Disick


After his intense appearance on SNL last month, a few impromptu outdoor projections seen around the world, and a bizzarely entertaining New York Times interview, Kanye West finished off his promotion for Yeezus with a more puzzling tactic: a nearly shot-for-shot remake of an infamous scene from American Psycho, starring playboy Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend and father to her children) and “Kardashian friend” Jonathan Cheban, as Patrick Bateman and Paul Allen, respectively. 

Rather than touting the cultural virtues of Huey Lewis and the News, Bateman, in this version, discusses the genius of West, particularly that of “New Slaves,” “the undisputed masterpiece of Yeezus.” If you’re familiar with the psychological thriller that centers on one of our most disturbing Slate contributors, you know exactly where this is going.


The video complements Yeezus well: West channels Bateman in order to pronounce his greatness, while also poking fun at himself, with Bateman declaring that the rapper “has been compared to Hitler, Jesus, Walt Disney, and even Steve Jobs.” Unfortunately, Disick’s “talents” as a Christian Bale stand-in leave much to be desired. And besides, Weird Al and Huey Lewis himself already did this, and did it much better.

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