The Beastles return: "Ill Submarine," djBC’s latest Beastie Boys-Beatles mashup. (VIDEO)

The Beatles and the Beastie Boys, Together Again

The Beatles and the Beastie Boys, Together Again

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June 10 2013 3:08 PM

The Beatles and the Beastie Boys, Together Again

"Ill Submarine," by djBC and Thriftshop XL


When djBC released his collections of Beatles and Beastie Boys mashups, djBC presents The Beastles (2004) and its follow-up Let it Beast (2006), the Boston native was hailed as a great guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, the mixtapes were eventually removed from the Internet. (djBC was dubbed by the Boston Phoenix Best Lawbreaker” in a Best of Boston issue.)

But the loss of The Beastles was only temporary. Last year, the DJ decided to take his chances and re-post both albums in full again, and now there comes news that he has yet another album of mashups on the way. This one will feature 20 tracks, one of which, “Ill Submarine,” has been released on YouTube with fun video art by Thriftshop XL. The song, which incorporates the Beasties’ “Alive” and the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” is a fun, danceable groove, further proof that these wildly different groups can make beautiful music together. Enjoy.

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