Will Smith Making Noises: the supercut. (VIDEO)
Supercut of the Weird Noises of Will Smith Takes Us Back to Happier Days
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June 5 2013 2:44 PM

The Weird Noises of Will Smith

It's been a rough last few days for Will Smith. After experiencing his biggest summer box office flop in 20 years with the ill-conceived After Earth—and amid the career advice that everyone is suddenly doling out to him—one has to wonder how the movie star, once thought to be an invicible box office champ, has responded to the news. Has he let out a signature "Whoo!"? A bewildered "Erm"? An awkward "Mmmm ..."?

Maybe not, but this ScreenJunkies supercut of Smith making weird noises takes us back to happier times, when he charmed us year after year while dealing with aliens, bad guys, and romantic entanglements. It's a nice reminder of Smith at his most charismatic and likeable—here's hoping we'll see that side of him again soon.

Aisha Harris is a Slate staff writer.

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