Barack Obama and Barbara Bush: caption contest.

Slate Caption Contest Barack and Barbara

Slate Caption Contest Barack and Barbara

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April 26 2013 2:47 PM

This Picture Is Worth 20 Words: Barack and Barbara Edition

Welcome back to Slate’s weekly caption contest. As always, please keep submissions to 20 words or fewer. And please no more than five submissions per person.

Obama Laughing with Barbara
stand-off with Moose

Winner: Serpentina Squizzle-Ulfr
Go home moose, you're drunk!

Runner-Up: Mandragore
"Ma'am, please! You can't enter the crime scene. Your children are safe and we have a hunter in custody."

Actual Caption: A policeman tries to divert a female moose into a net during an organised catch after she accidentally entered the suburbs of Lublin, Poland, May 4, 2010. The moose was later released back into the forest. REUTERS/Rafal Michalkowski/Agencja Gazeta