The Smiths rehearsal 1983: Listen to Hand in Glove and more by Morrissey & co. (AUDIO)

Listen to The Smiths Rehearse in 1983

Listen to The Smiths Rehearse in 1983

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March 20 2013 11:34 AM

Listen to The Smiths Rehearse in 1983

Thirty years ago, before they had recorded their first album, The Smiths taped a rehearsal in which they ran through a roughly 40-minute set. The audio is far from perfect, though it's better than you might expect given that they apparently used a single stereo mic pointing into the room and recorded directly to cassette. Not the place to start if you're new to The Smiths, of course, but a fun listen for fans who can tolerate a bit of vocal distortion.

The full set list is below. Enjoy.


"You've Got Everything Now"
"Accept Yourself"
"What Difference Does It Make"
"Reel Around The Fountain"
"These Things Take Time"
"I Don't Owe You Anything"
"Hand In Glove"
"Handsome Devil"
"Miserable Lie"

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