Louis C.K. heckler response at New York City show is perfect: watch. (VIDEO)

Louis C.K. Handles a Heckler Brilliantly

Louis C.K. Handles a Heckler Brilliantly

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March 14 2013 1:16 PM

Louis C.K. Teaches Us a Lesson: A Compliment is Still a Heckle

While some comedians have trouble handling audience members who interrupt their stand-up routines, Louis C.K. has a pretty good track record with his hecklers. At a special benefit performance earlier this month, C.K. proved yet again his deft skill at confidently facing the unexpected after an audience member decided to compliment him right in the middle of his set. (The heckling begins around the 1:30 mark in the video.)

“I think your boots are really sexy,” said a female voice from the audience. “Thank you, maybe tell me that later. Instead of during a performance,” he responded to applause. What followed was a curt, but incredibly witty, lesson to his discourteous fan about audience etiquette, and why positive or not, interrupting a performer—be they comedians, pilots, or ballerinas—is just not OK. Thankfully, it appears, his heckler got the message.


Update, March 14, 2013: The video has since been taken down from YouTube "due to a copyright claim by Louis C.K."

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