Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon perform Sexy Back in a barbershop quintet. (VIDEO)

Watch Justin Timberlake lead a Barbershop Quintet in “Sexy Back”

Watch Justin Timberlake lead a Barbershop Quintet in “Sexy Back”

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March 13 2013 12:03 PM

Justin Timberlake Brings “Sexy Back,” Barbershop Quintet-Style

Justin Timberlake has been on a publicity blitz ever since announcing his return to music back in January, dropping music video teasers and making appearances on the Grammys and Saturday Night Live. In the past few days alone, the performer has made his new album The 20/20 Experience available to stream on iTunes a week early, and announced that The CW will be airing a Target-sponsored album release party. To top it all off, Timberlake is spending the week with his pal Jimmy Fallon, which Late Night is dubbing “Timberweek.”

Is the singer becoming overexposed? Probably. Yes. Definitely. Is there a sexist double standard at play here? Maybe. But that doesn’t make this clip of Timberlake and Fallon leading a barbershop quintet in a retro rendition of “Sexy Back” from last night any less delightful. 

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