Wu-Tang reunion album: arriving on the 20th anniversary of 36 Chambers? (VIDEO)

Will the New Wu-Tang Album Finally Hit Stores This Fall?

Will the New Wu-Tang Album Finally Hit Stores This Fall?

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March 4 2013 12:33 PM

Will a New Wu-Tang Album Hit Stores This Fall?

Members of the Wu-Tang Clan perform in 2010.

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.

Reports of a new album by hip-hop legends the Wu-Tang Clan have been circulating for a while now. Last November, Ghostface Killah said that he was on board, and that RZA wanted to do it, too—so long as the group respected the producer’s vision. If the other Wu-Tang members would “just believe in me and let me go ahead and do what I gotta do with this,” RZA reportedly told Killah, then “we could just be outta here and make a shitload of money.”

A few days later, Raekwon said he wanted “to see it happen,” too, though, like RZA, it was more important to him that it be “done the right way.”


Now, with the 20th anniversary of the group’s debut, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, arriving in the fall, a reunion album may really be on the way. In January, the group’s official Facebook page declared that an album was “in the works”—and a couple weeks later the Wu-Tang Clan was announced as one of the headliners at Coachella.

Finally, this past weekend, Method Man told those assembled at a birthday show in Los Angeles that the album would indeed come out this year—timed with the 20th anniversary.

No word yet, so far as I can tell, from U-God—who had a falling out with the group in early 2004, but subsequently reconciled—Inspectah Deck, or Masta Killa. Any reunion will of course be short at least one member: Russell Jones , aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard, died in 2004. But if the group want someone to fill in for Dirty, they could always call up Michael K. Williams.

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