Atoms for Peace “Ingenue” video: Thom Yorke returns to the dance floor.

Thom Yorke Returns to the Dance Floor in New Video for "Ingenue"

Thom Yorke Returns to the Dance Floor in New Video for "Ingenue"

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Feb. 28 2013 10:59 AM

Thom Yorke Returns to the Dance Floor

Thom Yorke dancing in video for Atoms for Peace
Whoa there, Nijinsky.

Still from the video for "Ingenue"

Thom Yorke’s last couple albums, with Radiohead and new supergroup Atoms For Peace, have been his most dance-influenced yet, so it makes sense that he’d take to boogieing on down in each of their lead videos. 2011’s “Lotus Flower” was the video that launched a thousand GIFs. For “Ingenue,” he doesn’t quite unleash the Black Swan, but his dancing is fittingly romantic and off-kilter to match the song—plus there’s karate chops.

In addition to the obvious influence of the Ministry of Silly Walks, the interpretive dance-y video has a surprisingly old-fashioned tone. There’s the three-piece outfits, the song’s title, and the lyrics about “fools rushing in.” Here’s hoping that next time he goes full Gene Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Thom, we know you rather feel like expressing yourself.