“Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas”: Watch a jolly video essay on the movies of Christmas past.

Watch a Jolly Video Essay on the Movies of Christmas Past

Watch a Jolly Video Essay on the Movies of Christmas Past

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Dec. 13 2012 7:04 PM

Did You See This? “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas”

It’s the holidays, which also means it’s the time for holiday movies. You may take that how you will: There are all kinds of holiday movies, from the all-time classics (It’s a Wonderful Life, the 1951 A Christmas Carol, Elf), to the off-beat and overlooked (Die Hard, Gremlins, Eyes Wide Shut), to the ones that could just about kill your Christmas spirit (I won’t bother listing the truly bad).

All those are highlighted in this video essay on the movies of Christmases past. There’s no voice-over narration, but the video still manages to riff on everything from how different adaptations have played with A Christmas Carol to how many Christmas movies feature a surprising number of explosions. The music, also, is impeccable—it begins with Bing Crosby and ends with Judy Garland. It’s a surprise it’s hardly ever been seen, so I’m happy to spread some holiday cheer. Thanks to @mattzollerseitz for the tip.