The Fruit Hunters documentary trailer: Bill Pullman is really into fruit. (VIDEO)

This Documentary About Fruit Looks Fascinating

This Documentary About Fruit Looks Fascinating

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Nov. 27 2012 12:57 PM

Bill Pullman Is Really Into Fruit


Apparently Bill Pullman really, really likes fruit. His "obsession" with fruit has prompted "a crusade to create a community orchard in the Hollywood Hills," according to the promotional copy for The Fruit Hunters, a new documentary by Yung Chang, who directed the acclaimed 2007 film Up the Yangtze. Chang spent two years "following fruit-obsessed horticulturalists, pomologists, and backyard enthusiasts," who, in the trailer below, say amazing things, such as "a mango is always a negotiation, it's a love story" and "when you're in the boughs of a mango tree, it's like being in your mother's arms." 

Putting Pullman aside for a moment—though the shot of him hacking through tall plants on the way to some enticing fruit-related bounty is terrific—the movie looks fascinating. What is that fruit that tastes like brown sugar, pecan pie, and sweet potato? The one that tastes like cotton candy? The Fruit Hunters is screening in Canada now. Here's hoping it becomes more widely available soon.


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