Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppet Show: Neil’s Puppet Dreams on the Nerdist Youtube Channel. (VIDEO)

Neil Patrick Harris has a Puppet Show Now

Neil Patrick Harris has a Puppet Show Now

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Nov. 27 2012 2:10 PM

Neil Patrick Harris Has a Puppet Show Now

A still from Neil's Puppet Dreams

How is it not surprising that Neil Patrick Harris, the hero of nerds worldwide and frequent Comic-Con guest star, dreams in puppet? The comedic thespian has already mastered a stupendous variety of quirky roles: as Slate has previously pointed out, Harris’ womanizing character Barney Stinson is the best thing about the otherwise shame-inducing habit of following How I Met Your Mother. And Harris helped propel Joss Whedon’s web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog—which made its primetime debut on the CW channel last month—to Internet-phenomenon status.

Today, the Nerdist Youtube channel satisfied one of Harris’ great fantasies (apparently) by launching Neil’s Puppet Dreams, a wacky, trippy, and surprisingly racy web series produced by “Henson Alternative,” a division of the Jim Henson Company. Harris, a Muppets lover who confessed to Entertainment Weekly that he has a puppet workshop in his garage, appears to have been given free reign on the puppet-starring project (though co-creator and producer Janet Varney also has a role). The first episode, “The Lullabye,” features three puppets—a goat, a beaver, and a Raggedy Ann look-a-like, all outfitted with angel wings—pacifying Harris with a lullaby containing lyrics like “Your insides could be outsides by the end of this dream” as he falls to his doom. If it wasn’t already obvious, the series is no Muppets movie—future episodes promise puppet sex and drag queens—so watch this without the kids.