Terrence Malick dancing: This is a real video of the “Hollywood Bigfoot” getting down.

This Is a Real Video of "Hollywood Bigfoot" Terrence Malick Dancing

This Is a Real Video of "Hollywood Bigfoot" Terrence Malick Dancing

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Nov. 19 2012 11:42 AM

This Is a Video of Terrence Malick Dancing

Terrence Malick
Why would you think this man couldn't boogie?

One of the few press images of Terrence Malick.

Hollywood Bigfoot” Terrence Malick, who also happens to be the director of such films as Badlands, Days of Heaven, and The Tree of Life, was filmed dancing at a country bar recently. We’re not going to lie to you: The video is only 13 seconds long, and Malick won’t surprise you with his moves.

But if you’re the kind of person who clicked on this article, then that probably won’t stop you from watching it a few times in glee and disbelief.

Malick, who avoids the press but in his personal life is just a dude who loves Zoolander, has been spotted out in public quite a few times lately. He’s currently at work on not just one but two new movies, one of which takes place in the Austin music scene, and so he’s been sighted in the crowd at various indie rock shows around the “Live Music Capital of the World.” (Though not, unfortunately, getting down.)

If you’d like more video of Malick and crew keeping Austin weird, allow me to recommend Val Kilmer’s surprise performance with Black Lips this month at Fun Fun Fun Fest. As part of filming (we hope), Kilmer unleashed his dormant Lizard King to destroy a guitar amplifier with a chainsaw, shear off clumps of his own hair, and totter on stage with a walker. It was almost as weird as watching Terrence Malick dance.