The Simpsons attacks Romney with Mr. Burns and Seamus the dog. (VIDEO)

The Simpsons Goes After Romney

The Simpsons Goes After Romney

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Nov. 1 2012 6:59 PM

The Simpsons Goes After Romney

A still from a new promo for The Simpsons

Back in September, we noted that the voting-booth goof The Simpsons used in a promo for its Halloween episode was a bit more politically pointed than the one they ran four years before, when Obama was pitted against McCain. While the 2008 version mostly had its fun at the expense of electronic voting machines, the 2012 edition made jokes about Mormonism, Romney’s tax returns, and the former Governor’s flip-flopping on healthcare reform.

Well, that was nothing. This promo for Sunday night’s episode empties the entire anti-Romney arsenal: tax returns, the “47 percent” comments, the “I like to fire people” gaffe, and on and on and on. Above all: the story of Seamus, which, apparently, will never go away.


You can watch the promo below.

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