Tom Hanks drops an F-Bomb on live TV, on Good Morning America.
Infamous Bad Boy Tom Hanks Drops an F-Bomb on Live TV
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Oct. 19 2012 12:42 PM

Infamous Bad Boy Tom Hanks Drops an F-Bomb on Live TV

Tom Hanks on Good Morning America
Tom Hanks reacts after dropping the F-bomb on Good Morning America

Still from YouTube.

Just a few weeks ago, Slate wrote about the dangers of live TV coverage. In short, if you’re going to broadcast live and in progress, you better be ready for anything. Which is why it’s surprising that Good Morning America wasn’t prepared for what was coming their way when they brought on notorious Hollywood bad boy Tom Hanks. In a bout of method acting, Hanks slipped a bit too far into his brutish gangster character from Cloud Atlas and let slip an F-bomb on live TV.

Of course, not being a total monster, Hanks did apologize. From his beneath his new moustache (grown for his upcoming role as Walt Disney), he suggested that next time ABC would exercise a seven-second delay.

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