The Wire’s Omar and Marlo meet up on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain—and David Carr pops by, too.

The Wire’s Omar And Marlo Reunite! Over Caribbean Food

The Wire’s Omar And Marlo Reunite! Over Caribbean Food

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Oct. 19 2012 12:24 PM

Did You See This? Omar And Marlo, Reunited

Michael K. Williams and Jamie Hector of The Wire

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

While taping the upcoming finale of No Reservations, chef Anthony Bourdain experienced a pop cultural dream for fans of The Wire. While sitting down for a meal with Michael K. Williams (who played everyone’s favorite whistling gangster Omar Little), the two were taken unawares by none other than Jamie Hector (who played menacing drug lord Marlo Stanfield). It all went down during a trip to Gloria’s, a Caribbean staple of Crown Heights, for some delectable dishes (oxtail, curry goat, and the drink sea moss, which is thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac). 

Aisha Harris Aisha Harris

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While Hector and Williams played enemies onscreen, here the two greet each other like old friends. Bourdain insists that the meeting is not staged, and this would seem also to be supported by the fact that the New York Times’ David Carr pops up unacknowledged in the background, around the 2:25 mark. Clearly, this is the place to be in Brooklyn.


Of course, even if it were staged, it wouldn’t take away from the pleasure of seeing such iconic television characters together again, if only for a few moments.