Madron FC, “the worst football team in Britain,” subject of short film: watch. (VIDEO)

Watch a Short Film About “The Worst Football Team in Britain”

Watch a Short Film About “The Worst Football Team in Britain”

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Oct. 16 2012 1:09 PM

“The Worst Football Team in Britain”

A still from "Madron FC: The Worst Football Team in Britain"

Madron, a village of about 4,000 residents near Penzance in Cornwall, U.K., is home to what has been called the worst football team in Britain. At one point last year, Madron Football Club had lost 30 matches in a row, including a 55-0 to local rival Illogan. (“Result makes mockery of the league,” one headline declared.) They have since won a match, but it remains a rare occurrence.

The short, affectionate film about the team below was made for Channel 4 in England, and it is delightful.* It centers around the final game of a recent season, in which the team had once again not won a single match. “Gonna be a passionate game, I’ll tell you that much,” says Alan Davenport, “chairman, treasurer, managers, everything” of Madron FC. Enjoy.


* This post originally referred to Channel 4 as a property of the BBC. It is also a public station, but is separate from the BBC.

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