Seven Psychocats: Now the big studios are making cat videos. (VIDEO)

Now the Big Studios Are Making Cat Videos

Now the Big Studios Are Making Cat Videos

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Oct. 9 2012 12:32 PM

Big Studios Getting into the Cat Video Game

A still from "Seven Psychocats"

If the cat video below—a rendering of the Seven Psychopaths trailer with cats playing all the major roles—seems unusually well made, there’s a reason: It’s an official production of CBS Films, the distributor for the movie. In the latest sign that the studios are learning to speak Internet, it was released a few days ago and is starting to make its way around the web.

Far be it from me to discourage such promotional creativity, especially when it features what I can only assume is a deliberate Toonces homage. Still, much of the charm of Internet cat videos has always been their amateur quality. And while that’s aped in the visual style here, it’s all a bit smooth, really. This video is more “Online Cat-Industrial Complex” than it is true cat art.


And what, they couldn’t doctor the stars’ names in some appropriate fashion? Colin Feral? Tomcat Waits? In any case, we can probably add “cat version of trailer” to the increasingly baroque list of items on the standard Hollywood movie promotional rollout calendar.

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