Neeson Season, the Liam Neeson musical: watch. (VIDEO)

“Neeson Season,” the Liam Neeson Musical

“Neeson Season,” the Liam Neeson Musical

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Oct. 1 2012 4:10 PM

Did You See This? Liam Neeson, the Musical

The Grey.
Still of Liam Neeson in The Grey.

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When we were putting together our list of actors who have made awkward transitions to action movies, one actor who came up that we did not include was Liam Neeson. Why? Because Liam Neeson arguably began as an action—well, not star, exactly. But look at his early credits: From Excalibur up through Under Suspicion, Neeson was mostly in action movies and similar genre fare. Then he transformed himself into the respectable leading man you know from Schindler's List and Michael Collins and what not, before transforming back into the campy hero of Taken and The Grey and so on.

It's an impressive feat. And it's why every season is Neeson Season. Enjoy.


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