Super Mario Bros a capella: watch. (VIDEO)

The Music of Super Mario Bros. Done A Cappella

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Sept. 27 2012 2:50 PM

Did You See This? Super Mario Bros. A Cappella

A still of Julien Neel and Nick McKaig in "Super Mario Bros A Cappella Medley"

Over the last few years, making 8-bit versions of popular songs has become a popular Internet pastime. (Super Morrissey Bros. is still, to my ears, the gold standard.) Julien Neel and Nick McKaig have gone the opposite route, making an a cappella tune out of the music from Super Mario Bros.

I’ve never cared much for pop a cappella—what is the point of turning drumbeats and guitar solos into vocal riffs, exactly? Here, though, human voices add depth to uncannily familiar electronic notes. The result is surprisingly charming. Enjoy.


David Haglund is a senior editor at Slate. He runs Brow Beat, Slate's culture blog.

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