Norwegian alphabet music video: Kollektivet’s “ÆØÅ” shows the one thing that’s bigger about Norwegians.

The One Thing That’s Bigger About Norwegians

The One Thing That’s Bigger About Norwegians

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Sept. 26 2012 1:08 PM

The One Thing That’s Bigger About Norwegians


Still from YouTube.

It’s true that Norway, with its universal health care and high life expectancy and tuition-free universities, is widely considered one of the greatest nations in the world. However, there’s one thing that Norway doesn’t have: size. The Scandinavian nation simply can’t compete with the overwhelming girth of the United States of America.

Except when it comes to the impressive length of one thing: the Norwegian alphabet. In this charmingly bizarre video from Norwegian group Kollektivet, the Norwegians gloat about what our puny American alphabet will never have, the extra letters Æ, Ø, and Å. And while this comedy duo is known for their music videos like “Hold kjeften på deg” and “Hvorfor har du på deg hatt?,” they do it in good old American English.


It’s hard to argue with the sheer infectious enthusiasm of this Norwegian Flight of the Conchords, let alone their U.S.-inspired moves, but there is at least one claim that this proud American might take exception with. While Kollektivet might brag about Norway’s cheesemakers, cheese production is actually one area where America is still No. 1.