Breaking Bad does a Mentos ad: Walter White is the freshmaker in this great mash-up video.

Walter White Is "the Freshmaker"? So Argues This Great Mash-Up

Walter White Is "the Freshmaker"? So Argues This Great Mash-Up

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Aug. 16 2012 4:24 PM

Walter White Is "the Freshmaker"?

Walter White in "Breaking Bad - Mentos Commercial"
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in "Breaking Bad - Mentos Commercial."

Still from YouTube.

Before Mentos ads got freaky, they took a jollier approach.  You might remember the days when—at least in ads—popping one of the chewable mints could help you turn any lemons into lemonade. Mentos, the ads argued, could give you the kind of positive attitude and resourcefulness to turn you into a fresh-breathed MacGyver!

Or Walter White? That’s the premise of this note-perfect mash-up of Mentos with Breaking Bad, in which it only takes a little meth money for Walter White to find a way to freshen up his family’s own dreary life:

A search reveals that this gem isn’t the first video to make the Mentos-Breaking Bad connection. If you’re all caught up with season 3, another solid mash-up (this time with heavier spoilers) sees Walter White really making Jesse Pinkman’s day: