Wes Anderson’s Rushmore in 3 GIFs: Our latest installment of Classic Cinema in 3 GIFs.
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May 25 2012 1:00 PM

Classic Cinema in 3 GIFs: Rushmore

Jason Schwartzman plays Max Fischer in Rushmore
Jason Schwartzman plays Max Fischer in Rushmore.

Still from Rushmore © Criterion 1998.

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Every once in a while we like to pay tribute to a landmark film by encapsulating it in three
animated GIFs. For this installment, on the occasion of Wes Anderson’s latest release, we're honoring Rushmore, his 1998 coming-of-age picture about two unlikely friends (played by Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray) who fight over the love of a widowed first-grade teacher (played by Olivia Williams).

In the comments, let us know which three GIFs you would have selected, and nominate the film we should take on next.


Images from Rushmore © Criterion 1998


Images from Rushmore © Criterion 1998


Images from Rushmore © Criterion 1998


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