Price Is Right dude Evan Goding bids $420 over and over (Video)

Watch Some Dude on Price Is Right Bid $420 for Everything

Watch Some Dude on Price Is Right Bid $420 for Everything

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April 20 2012 5:07 PM

Did You See This? “I Bid $420, Bob”

"Price Is Right dude" makes his bid.

Still from YouTube.

The reasons for the “420” tradition may be arbitrary at best, but that doesn’t make its adherents any less dedicated.

Just take this contestant from The Price Is Right. No matter what item comes up, Evan Goding—that appears to be his name—insists on estimating the actual retail price at $420.

The best moments are the quiet right before he bids:

OK, so Evan actually does deviate once—even though he says he’s waited his whole life to say “$420.” While he begins and ends by bidding $420, in the middle Evan estimates a (pretty killer) Peavey Raptor electric guitar at $1420, even though it turns out that $420 would have been the winning bid. It just goes to show you: Stay true to your dreams.

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