Community meets Law & Order

Community Meets Law & Order

Community Meets Law & Order

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March 13 2012 12:11 PM

Community Meets Law & Order

A still from Tauntr's "Community Law & OrderIntro"

Community will finally return this Thursday, and the Internet is very excited. On Splitsider, fans voted "Remedial Chaos Theory," an episode from earlier this season, the greatest sitcom episode of all time. (It somehow beat out the Simpsons classic "Marge vs. the Monorail," which... well, no comment, since this post is about Community.) And yesterday, in anticipation of an upcoming Law & Order-themed episode, Tauntr created the brilliant opening-credits sequence below.

As the Warming Glow points out, the episode will be called "Basic Lupine Urology," a clever homage to legendary Law & Order creator Dick Wolf. Cleverness, of course, is Community's métier, as evidenced once again by the trailer for this Thursday's episode.


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