Neil Young Busking in Glasgow, Scotland, 1976

Neil Young Busks on the Streets of Glasgow, 1976

Neil Young Busks on the Streets of Glasgow, 1976

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Feb. 23 2012 11:14 AM

Did You See This? Neil Young Busks, 1976

Neil Young performs 23 years after the video below was shot.

Photo by MANNY CENETA/AFP/Getty Images

Via The Awl comes this lovely video of Neil Young singing "The Old Laughing Lady" outside the Glasgow Central Railway Station in 1976:

A shorter clip of the same footage surfaced last August, and made the rounds on Neil Young fan sites, but no one seemed certain as to the origin of the footage. (There is some speculation it's connected in some way with Volume II of the Neil Young Archives.) It appears professionally edited, with a number of charming crowd and scenery shots interspersed throughout. Note, for instance, the elderly laughing woman when Young first hits the chorus, and the hurrying commuter when he sings, "You've got to move on / There's no time for you to stall." No "drunkard of the village," though, so far as I could tell.


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