Michael Lewis’s Home Game: The Essays That Will Soon Become a Sitcom

ABC Is Turning Michael Lewis' Old Slate Column into a Sitcom

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Oct. 24 2011 2:44 PM

ABC Is Turning Michael Lewis' Old Slate Column into a Sitcom

Michael Lewis in 2009.

Justin Hoch/Wikipedia

This morning Deadline reported that ABC will soon buy a new comedy based on Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood by Michael Lewis. Adaptation is nothing new for Lewis: Moneyball, based on one of his many books, is in theaters now; The Blind Side, based on another, was a Best Picture nominee in 2010. Just last month he told The Hollywood Reporter he would be writing the screenplay for Liar’s Poker, based on his first book, himself.


Home Game was adapted from a series of essays for Slate—two series, actually. The first, in 2002, chronicled Lewis’s experiences after his second daughter, Dixie, was born. He covered everything from being in the delivery room to knocking himself out while ice skating and getting mistaken for Adam Gopnik. Thanks to fatherhood, Lewis wrote, he could “no  longer enjoy rolling the dice in the stock market”: Risk in general became unappealing.

Lewis wrote a second series five years later, after he and his wife had a son, Walker. You can read the first column in that series here; the first of the 2002 essays is here.

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