This Picture is Worth 20 Words: Duchess of Alba Edition

This Picture is Worth 20 Words: Winston Churchill's Kin Can Dance

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Oct. 14 2011 4:19 PM

This Picture is Worth 20 Words: Wedding Dance Edition

It’s caption contest time! Yes that’s the Duchess of Alba (who happens to be a distant relative of Winston Churchill) on her wedding day. Post your captions—20 words or fewer—in the comments section.


Las Week’s Contest

unicorn caption contest




The winner: Will Young

The top 1% control all the My Little Ponies. It should be OUR Little Ponies!

Runner-up 1:
Raul Guerra

New York City (AP) - Code Pink unveils new top-secret, zero-emission protest battle tank codenamed: Louise.

Runner-up 2: ntilt

JP Morgan finds ingenious solution to getting bicycle couriers through Occupy Wall Street Protest.

The actual caption:

A participant in the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration displays a "pink unicorn" ride during a march to join teacher's unions near Wall Steet in New York on October 5, 2011. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images).

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