Snoop Dogg and other unlikely celebrities weigh in on the economy.

Celebrities Weigh in on the Economy

Celebrities Weigh in on the Economy

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Aug. 8 2011 5:47 PM

Celebrities Weigh in on the Economy

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Today in Slate, Annie Lowrey writes about the criticism Standard & Poor’s is facing from economists and business journalists over its decision to downgrade the U.S.’s credit rating. But who really cares what investment guru Warren Buffett has to say about our economic woes? Pfft. What does platinum-selling rapper Snoop Dogg think?


After tweeting this on Saturday, Snoop then launched the hashtag #ifsnoopranthebanks, which spawned much sound financial advice. But Snoop wasn't the only celebrity who took to Twitter to comment on the country's current financial situation. Here are five other stars who've weighed in since the weekend, with varying levels of vitriol:



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