We Want Your Childhood Smurf Photos
We Want Your Childhood Smurf Photos
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July 27 2011 5:43 PM

Little Blue Creature Love: Send Us Your Best Childhood Smurf Photos

The Smurfs movie comes to theaters this Friday, and to celebrate, we scoured Flickr to find images of the petite blue-skinned creatures during their 1980s glory days. Smurfmania was at its height from 1981-1990, when The Smurfs cartoon aired on television. Back then, the mushroom-dwellers cropped up everywhere—on cereal boxes, onesie pajamas, and lunchboxes. Wannabe Smurfs and Smurfettes demanded Smurf-themed birthday parties or blue-and-white Halloween costumes.

We’re calling on you, dear Slate readers, to help us recall this cultural phenomenon with your pictures.  Did you grow up during the 1980s? Did your kids? If so, send us your best retro Smurf pictures. Email us at slateartdept@gmail.com and tell us your full name, the name of the person in the picture, and a little something about the shot. We’ll pick the best ones and publish them on the site. Check out the gallery below for inspiration.


Elizabeth Weingarten is the associate editor at New America and the associate director of its Global Gender Parity Initiative.

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