Beyoncé Crashes a Kids Dance Partyat a Harlem Target

Beyoncé Crashes a Kids' Dance Party

Beyoncé Crashes a Kids' Dance Party

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July 1 2011 12:02 PM

Beyoncé Crashes a Kids' Dance Party

In my experience, urban Targets are vastly inferior to suburban Targets, with their abundant goods and forcible sparkle and their wide, you-could-drive-a-car-through-them aisles. But maybe I've just been going to the wrong branch. Yesterday, at the Target in Harlem, the local Boys and Girls club was celebrating the store's one-year anniversary with a dance performance when a surprise guest showed up (as she is wont to do): Beyoncé. Cue expressions of frantic joy.

You have to give B credit for modesty: Rather than commandeer the dance floor, she just hangs back, seemingly content to collect hugs and shine her beneficence on the proceedings.


MTV notes that it probably more than simple altruism that brought Beyoncé out last night: The deluxe version of her new album, 4, is available exclusively at Tarzhay.

[via Videogum]

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