More Evidence that the 90s are Back

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June 10 2011 3:00 PM

More Evidence that the 90s are Back



Here's something to make your Friday a little fiercer. In this video, whichis making the Internet rounds today, Robert Jeffery interprets Madonna's 1990hit "Vogue" with stunning panache, considering that he was only nineyears old in 1991, when he visited a Hampton Beach Casino video booth.

Julia Felsenthal noted on Brow Beat this week that the great 90sphenomenon Rollerblading ismaking a comeback. Earlier, we pointed out that two other decade touchstones, Pop-Up Video and Beavisand Butt-Head , are also being resurrected. Perhaps voguing , another retro means of locomotion, isenjoying a similar resurgence? After all, Sade Pendavis, one of theoriginal voguers from the documentary Paris is Burning , recentlyreleased a new voguing anthem, "Bring It!," in collaboration with thefamed nightlife impresario DJ Johnny Dynell and dance-floor legend PaulAlexander. We offer this as a mantra for your weekend: "Mary, Mary, quitecontrary / Bring it like you're legendary!"

[Via Hairpin ]

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