Warren Buffett's Best Pop Culture Cameos

Warren Buffett's Best Pop Culture Cameos

Warren Buffett's Best Pop Culture Cameos

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May 18 2011 6:01 PM

Warren Buffett's Best Pop Culture Cameos

Tomorrow night's season finale of The Office is going to be lousy with guest stars: Ricky Gervais, WillArnett, Jim Carrey, Ray Romano, James Spader, and Catherine Tate are all set tovie for the position recentlyvacated by one Michael Scott . Last week, Variety reported that there would be one more famous name on thelist of wannabe branch managers: Warren Buffett, theavuncular Oracle of Omaha (and the third most powerful old person in America ,per Slate 'smost recent "80 over 80" list). But this is far from the billionaire's first notablecameo. Herewith, a scientifically ranked list of the tycoon's greatest popculture appearances.

#5: As himself in 2010's Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.


Buffett was just one of manyfinancial types to guest in the film , such as Mad Money 's Jim Cramer, hedge fund manager James Chanos, andeconomist (and Slate contributor ) Nouriel Roubini. So his appearance whilean impressive casting coup doesn't have quite the same delightful air of randomnessas the other entries on this list.

#4: As a cartoonJames Madison in Liberty's Kids .

The creaky animation in this edutainment series is completelyoutclassed by the celebrityvoice talent Walter Cronkite has a recurring role as Ben Franklin butBuffett's impish charm manages to shine through his stilted avatar.


#3: As a surprisinglyvigorous-looking , animated version of himself on The SecretMillionaire's Club .

In this animated Web series (which is sooncoming to television ), "the world's most famous investor" teaches a multicultural gang of kids how to be more excellent capitalists... and people. (Sample lessons: "Get a mentor." "Try new things." "Never cut corners.") The theme song has colonized my brain.


# 2: As himself on All My Children .

Buffett first appeared on the soap in a four-minute segmentin 1991, when he was chairman of Salomon Brothers; along with Thomas Murphy,chairman of Capital Cities/ABC Inc., he advised Erica Kane played by the indomitableSusan Lucci on how to run her cosmetics business. (Two years earlier, the twoexecs, who are friends with AMC 'screator, playedwaiters on another of her soaps, Loving ,but they were not entrusted with any lines.)

Seventeen years later, when Kane was thrown in prison for "unintentional"insider trading , he came to the Pine Valley vixen's aid once again. Haven'tyou, too, watched Buffett on Charlie Rose and felt a deep-welling urge to shriek, "Didn't I tell you how handsome he is,Erica! I mean look at this physique andthe chiseled features!" Sadly, Mr. Buffett does not sell his closing joke verywell.

#1 As Axl Rose.

Every year, Geico employees put together a video for theirannual meeting; Buffett whose Berkshire Hathaway owns the insurance company has appearedin several of them. (In one, he playeda hobo .) We can't imagine any of those past outings or, for that matter,anything, period being more wonderful than this power ballad, which featuresBuffett shuffling back and forth in a bandanna, leather jacket, and fake tatsleeves, grumbling into a microphone. Warren Buffett, you bring out the best inme.

The financial icon takes center stage around 1:45.

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