Our Favorite "Cats of War" Reader Captions

Our Favorite "Cats of War" Reader Captions

Our Favorite "Cats of War" Reader Captions

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May 9 2011 2:56 PM

Our Favorite "Cats of War" Reader Captions

Last week,


uncovered shocking details and images from the defense department's top-secret

, known internallyas


As serious as this highlyclassified operation is, some of the photos we acquired are admittedly kind offunny.


So we put it out to ourreaders on Facebook to come up with the bestcaption for the above photo. Here are our finalists out of 127 entries :

Third runner-up: "I can hazparashoot." Dax Ross


Second runner-up: "Theypromised us 72 freshly opened cans of tuna." Kim Loughran

First runner-up: "SpecialForces: Visit strange and exotic lands. Meet new and interesting people. Andthen shed on them." MisterJay Em

Winner: "Geronimeow!" Jonny Cache

Congratulations to Mr. Cache!You went for the obvious pun, and we loved it (and so did the voters on Facebook ). You'llbe receiving a copy of Jacob Weisberg's Palinisms in the mail shortly.

Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photograph by GiuseppeCacace/AFP/Getty Images.

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