If Oscar Wilde Wrote "The Jersey Shore"
If Oscar Wilde Wrote "The Jersey Shore"
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April 25 2011 4:53 PM

If Oscar Wilde Wrote "The Jersey Shore"

Too civilized to admit that you enjoy The Jersey Shore ? What if you could pretend that Snooki and Crew's earthy bon mots were actually written by that AP English-approved wag, Oscar Wilde? In the spirit of bridging the gaps between high and low culture, old and new media, foppish Victorians and gorilla juiceheads, Playbill.com is presenting a charming video series called " Jersey Shore Gone Wilde," in which the stars of the current Broadway production of The Importance of Being Earnest read transcripts from The Jersey Shore as their Earnest characters. It's almost as good as the Victorian Wire or Victorian Inception .


You can watch parts two through five here .

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Nina Shen Rastogi is a writer and editor, and is also the vice president for content at Figment.